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AP16164335437168-1280x960Evil is not Madness
Is the Orlando Massacre sickening evil or can we join the press in blaming it on 'Bipolar Disorder'? Mental Health Stigma at its worst... more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
632586Self Harm
A Survivors Story and Testimony -- I can’t really remember the first time I self harmed. I just remember why I was driven to it. more ...
abigail balachandran
growthBipolar Christians
This is the title of a popular topic in our forums - reproduced here for you to read. The problem is still very much understood. more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
forum2Stuck in a church that doesn't understand
We have taken the decision to close the forums on this site. They were being used very infrequently. Here we have reproduced one of the most popular forum threads that really seems to connect with people. more ...
Rob Waller
diceDiagnosis - for good or ill?
Being given a diagnosis can be extremely helpful as it gives a name, support and treatment options. However diagnosis or ‘having a diagnosis’ can have many unwanted effects. more ...
Dr Emma Pierce
TTCTwitterFacebookProfile300DPIts time to talk
Feb 6th is a national mental health awareness day. Lets talk about it! Here are some myths and facts you might like to share with people at work. more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
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Katharin Welby-Roberts: InterviewThings Unseen
Main AV Folder
Length: 25 minutes
Republished with permission from Things Unseen: Katherine Welby-Roberts speaks out about matters close to her own heart – first and foremost mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, which she knows well from many years of her own painful experience. In conversation with Alison Hilliard, Katharine shares her favourite Bible verses and reflects on how they show God as a God of the suffering and anxious.
Listen Download MP3 Audio (36.3MB)
End Stigma in ChurchesMind and Soul
Main AV Folder
Length: 5 minutes
Let's have an end to stigma against mental health problems in the church. This short VIDEO describes the experiences (both good and bad) of many people with mental health problems. Could you show this in your church?
Play Download MP4 Video (187.8MB)
The CLOTS Guide to Mental Health - VIDEOIan Smith
Main AV Folder
Length: 7 minutes
A tongue in cheek parody of what might happen when the well-intentioned but not well-thought-through try to 'fix' your church. Glib, simplistic and offensive answers to complex problems abound. Do not listen to without a sense of humour!!! [best to stream as it is 130MB to download]
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