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healthy churchIt’s #oktosay - how talking about mental health in church could help us ALL feel better  
As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge encourage us to have conversations about mental health - how can the church help those struggling? Our very own Kate Middleton shares some thoughts. more ...
Kate Middleton
healthy church Hope, Health and Healing: how God and faith is helping my mental health 
A personal story of how faith and church has helped one person on the road to recovery from mental health problems more ...
Niamh Gold
policiesPastoral Care Policy
This draft Pastoral Care Policy is for you to use, amend and inplement in your own pastoral setting. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
five fingersManaging challenging behaviour in church
How do you manage difficult or challenging behaviour, particularly during services, and make sure that your church is indeed mental health friendly, without driving everyone else crazy?! more ...
Kate Middleton
1284606086bpPXSmSchizophrenia and Christianity
The important role churches and Christianity have to play - and the need for education and an end to ignorance and stigma more ...
Rob Waller
RubikTangle3x3SolutionWhy Church May Be Difficult For OCD Sufferers
What OCD is, why those suffering may find church challenging or distressing and some ways for churches to change more ...
Pamela Watt
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End Stigma in ChurchesMind and Soul
Main AV Folder
Length: 5 minutes
Let's have an end to stigma against mental health problems in the church. This short VIDEO describes the experiences (both good and bad) of many people with mental health problems. Could you show this in your church?
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Interview in a local churchRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length: 45 minutes
An interview with Rob Waller and Susanne Beitan about mental illness and what the church can do about it. A church counselling service is described. Also, two very helpful testimonies from people who have personal experience of mental ilness in their families and themselves
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The church and mental healthRob Waller
Length: 40 minutes
Reference:John 21:15-22
A talk given at a local church by Rob Waller, covering the main issues, and including a simple exposition of John 21. Slides also available.
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HTB Focus - The Church, Mental Health and SpiritualityRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:1 hour 0 minutes
Given at Holy Trinity Brompton's summer festival called 'Focus' - this seminar covers how churches can be more mental health friendly and looks at some common themes people ask about the church and mental health. See original talk at
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The CLOTS guide to mental health - AUDIOIan Smith
Main AV Folder
Length: 20 minutes
A tongue in cheek parody of what might happen when the well-intentioned but not well-thought-through try to 'fix' your church. Glib, simplistic and offensive answers to complex problems abound. Do not listen to without a sense of humour!!!
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Messy Church: The tension unresolvedWill Van Der Hart
Slides and Handouts
Length: 40 minutes
Is 21st century church able to hold together the tension of giftedness and unresolved emotional and mental health issues? Do we need to be healed to be useful for the kingdom?
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Messy Church: The tension unresolved - VIDEOWill Van Der Hart
Slides and Handouts
Length: 40 minutes
Is 21st century church able to hold together the tension of giftedness and unresolved emotional and mental health issues? Do we need to be healed to be useful for the kingdom?
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Emotionally Heathy ChurchWill Van Der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length: 30 minutes
How can we make our churches places where we can healthily express and heal emotions, and why does this not happen at the moment?
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Identity and being open at churchWill Van Der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length: 40 minutes
Identity - a sermon from a recent Mental Health Sunday we ran. Church communities - how they can help your mental health.
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Stressful churches and obsessional thinkingWill Van Der Hart, Rob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length: 40 minutes
Churches today can ask you to be very busy - and all on top of a busy job and family life. Will Van Der Hart talks about some recent 'space services' at St Mary's London. Rob Waller then explains how some Christians can become very obsessional in their thinking about sin and hell, even to the point of getting OCD
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