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CMHWWhy we must not be scared to talk about our children's emotions.
Children's emotions can be scary - especially in the context of all the warnings about children's mental and emotional health. So how should we respond as parents? more ...
11971031651254101065tedEyeslooAnxiety: Fearing Psychosis
There appears to be a really strong theme, common to most anxiety sufferers, around the fear of psychotic illness. Over the last few year I have had countless conversations with anxiety sufferers who fear they are 'mad'... more ...
cloud2Why I practice Christian and Secular Mindfulness
How my relationship with anxiety and depression evolved this year through secular Mindfulness courses. How a retreat at Chester Cathedral helped me explore Mindfulness in the Christian tradition. more ...
Bethany Bennett
15aebbf74633f7dc7736db8c5921b9Worried Why?
It true to say that at no point do we truly view the world with objectivity (that is how it actually is) instead we view it subjectively (that is through the damage, memories and beliefs that we have formed around our world-view) more ...
Will Van Der Hart
RubikTangle3x3SolutionWhy Church May Be Difficult For OCD Sufferers
What OCD is, why those suffering may find church challenging or distressing and some ways for churches to change more ...
Pamela Watt
barren desertWhy Relationships Matter
Long term mental ill-health can feel like being lost in a desert. But how can our relationships help those desperately thirsty for hope and relief? more ...
Kate Middleton
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Fear and Anxiety - sample sermonHannah Montgomery
Length: 30 minutes
Part of a series looking at things that hold believers 'Bound' - this sermon takes Jesus's emotions in the garden of gethsemane as a way to approach fear and anxiety - with honesty but also with hope. Preached by Hannah Montgomery, Central, Edinburgh
Listen Download MP3 Audio (16.6MB)
Worried - Why?Will Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length: 45 minutes
Why is worry such a problem and how can we learn to worry the right amount about the right things
Listen Download MP3 Audio (20.8MB)