Guilt Book CoverFalse or exaggerated guilt is powerful force within many emotional and mental health issues. Sadly sufferers experiences of this as Christians are greatly compounded as they believe these feelings to be 'true' and therefore wrestle with the spiritual implications. False guilt cannot be resolved like true guilt, by the way of The Cross. However, few church leaders recognize this condition and if they do they tend to be critical of the individual as lacking faith in God. See this recent article in Christianity Magazine [March 2014 issue]

The Guilt Book - a path to grace and freedom

by Will van der Hart and Rob Waller
Forward by J John

ISBN: 9781783591169
Format: Paperback
Extent: 192 pages
Publication Date: 16/05/2014
Published by: IVP
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We are piloting some of the material through seminars, one of which can be downloaded below - slides, audio, video. We will be developing this page and much more guilt orientated content on this site over the coming months. To keep up to date with news from Mind and Soul, please register for this website or like our Facebook Page.

The Guilt Trip from Mind and Soul on Vimeo.

Guilt that wont go away - Rob Waller (10,804KB) 26/11/2013, The PDF slides that accompany Rob's talk at the Christian Resources Exhibition, Edinburgh, November 2013
Guilt Trip (1,002KB) 08/08/2013, The Guilt Trip PDF Slides that accompany Will's seminar presentation
The Guilt Trip (download)
Will speaks on guilt - recorded at the HTB Free to Be Conference 2013 -
Will van der Hart, 12/10/2013