Books are a huge resources. In the west we are hugely priviledged to have access to many good books. There should always be one beside your bed ;-)

Our Books

We have written a number of books that are high quality combinations of theology and psychology.

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The Perfectionism Book
The Stuff of Life
The Guilt Book
Taking Care of Mind and Soul [DVD]
Making Church Accessible to All
The Worry Book
First Steps out of Anxiety
First Steps Out of Eating Disorders
The Pregnancy Book: Spiritual and Emotional Survival for First Time Parents
Stress: How to De-stress without doing less!
Self harm: the path to recovery
Eating Disorders:  The Path to Recovery

Book Reviews

We also keep a list of reviews of other good books about the general area of Christanity and Mental Health that we hope you will find useful. You can add your own reviews or comment on those already there.
What am I, Where am I, Who am I
From Over the Edge 
The Life-Giving Path 
The Promise of Blessing
The 12 1/2 steps to Spiritual Health
When Faith Gets Shaken
Personal Freedom
The Essential Guide to Burnout
The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy
Tested by Fire - the fruit of suffering
The Ruby: a re-entry survival story
After the Trauma the Battle Begins
The Big Ego Trip - finding true significance in a culture of self-esteem
How I Coped with Depression; An Inconvenient Posting
Troubled Minds
A New Name - Book Review
Swimming Pigeons - community well-being and the role of the church
Emotions: Living Life in Colour
Encountering Depresson: FAQs for Christians
‘A Book of Sparks: a Study in Christian MindFullness’
A Thorn in my Mind
Praying with the Grain
Psyche's Exile
Starting Over
Coming to Peace With Psychology
A psychiatrist discovers the life changing power of god
Spirituality and Psychiatry
Forgiving The Impossible
Finding Hope and Meaning in Suffering
Beyond Chaotic Eating
A Thorn In The Flesh
Beyond Singleness
Beyond The Edge
Running on Empty
The path of loneliness
Genius, grief and grace
I'm not supposed to feel like this
Instruments in the redeemers hands
Handbook of religion and mental health
I want a Christian psychiatrist
Stranger on the Shore
Starved: Mercy for eating disorders
The Pastoral Care of People with Mental Health Problems
The road less travelled
Christian Escape from the Jungle of Depression
Mercy for eating disorders
Breaking Free from Loneliness
Puppet on a string