Are you driven to succeed but find it hard to relax. Do strict standards dominate your life. This new book from Will and Rob offers a change of perspective - and the tools to get it.
Now available on KINDLE. Covering a whole range of issues facing students today, from Freshers Week to more severe forms of emotions and distress.
Kate's biblical self-help book will help readers to identify understand the dangers of stress and offers practical tips to reduce and manage stress in a biblical way
Christians struggle with guilt - but feel they should now. How do we tell the difference between True Guilt for which we can ask forgiveness, and False Guilt for which we need to use psychological tools.
Making Church Accessible to All is a new book that provides a strong argument for rethinking the way we present church, working from the biblical basis for including people with disabilities.
The Worry Book: finding a path to freedom. Available in the UK from IVP, The USA from Simon and Schuster and in Korea from Random House Korea