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On Fire or Just Burning Out? (download)
Stress and burnout are major issues in our society today, but how do we balance the demands of our passion and our society to push the limits, with our human needs and limitations? What can the Bible teach us - and those we support - about burnout and how to truly meet our potential?
Dr Kate Middleton, 10/10/2015
Tablets and Talking Treatments (download)
Understand the basics about psychiatric medication and psychological therapies. What works for what and what a helpful Christian perspective is.
Dr Rob Waller, 10/10/2015
The Church and the NHS (download)
How do you get the most from your local mental health services? What do they think of spirituality? This seminar will chart the sometimes rocky path from first symptom to helpful support. The Church needs the NHS, but the NHS also needs the local church.
Dr Rob Waller, 10/10/2015
Generation Distress (download)
Emotional and mental health problems in children and young people – how your church needs to respond. This seminar will help you to think about what you can do to make a difference. We will look at the severity of the problem, consider preventative steps, and how we might promote good emotional health. With frontline mental health services in crisis, how can you and your church help save minds and save lives?
Dr Kate Middleton, 10/10/2015
Interview with Jonathan Clark (download)
Jonathan is the director of Premier Lifeline - http://www.premier.org.uk/Premier-Lifeline - the national christian helpline who help 100000 people each year.
Jonathan Clark, 10/10/2015
Interview with Alison Hogger (download)
Alison trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse, before founding Keeping Health in Mind - http://keepinghealthinmind.org.uk - who hope to reduce stigma and to raise the profile of mental health by offering resources to the church and encouraging local churches to be promoters and protectors of good mental health so all can belong.
Alison Hogger, 10/10/2015
Called to Leadership (download)
We know that God has created us all individually, and called many of us to different forms of leadership in the church. But what if some of those experiencing that calling are also struggling with mental or emotional health problems? How can we provide support? Are there ever times or situations where a mental health problem might preclude someone from ministry?
Will van der Hart, 10/10/2015
Pastoral Care (download)
What does it look like to lead and pastorally care for those with mental health needs? How can our responses honour those we seek to support? Exploring a model of good practice, we look at language that helps and positive approaches to prayer.
Jonathan Clark, 10/10/2015
Panel: Experiences of Church and Mental Health (download)
The closing panel from the launch of the Mental Health Access Pack - Phase 2
Panel, 10/10/2015
Your Mental Health (download)
It’s all very well taking time to think about the emotional health of others, but what about our own emotional health? As leaders what should our understanding of emotional health be – and how should our appreciation of our own interact with the work we do to support those struggling? What should we be doing – particularly those of us who are leaders – to look after our emotional health?
Will van der Hart, 10/10/2015
Building a Church Where Everyone Belongs (download)
‘A community comes about when people are no longer hiding from one another, no longer pretending or proving their value to another’ (Jean Vanier). Creating an open-hearted church is no easy task. Drawing from real life examples, we look at the small changes that can help us journey to building genuine, inclusive church communities.
Corin Pilling, 10/10/2015
Katharin Welby-Roberts: Interview (download)
Republished with permission from Things Unseen: http://www.thingsunseen.co.uk/podcasts/the-word-katharine-welby-roberts/ Katherine Welby-Roberts speaks out about matters close to her own heart – first and foremost mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, which she knows well from many years of her own painful experience. In conversation with Alison Hilliard, Katharine shares her favourite Bible verses and reflects on how they show God as a God of the suffering and anxious.
Things Unseen, 11/08/2015
What To Do When You Can't Do Less #LC15 (download)
Hear Will's talk from the HTB Leadership Conference 2015 on stress management. Note that this talk is not about doing less but doing well when you are working under pressure and at capacity.
Rev Will Van Der Hart, 05/05/2015
End Stigma in Churches (download)
Let's have an end to stigma against mental health problems in the church. This short VIDEO describes the experiences (both good and bad) of many people with mental health problems. Could you show this in your church?
Mind and Soul, 08/04/2015
Christian Mindfulness (download)
Sometimes are moods and emotions can be inconsistent: high-spirited one moment and gloomy the next. They can get in the way of our relationship with God and how we go about our day. However, inspirational music and contemplative prayer can really have an effect on outlook. It's called Mindfulness; a technique which brings greater peace, self-awareness and calm.
Shaun Lambert, 26/03/2015
Dementia and Faith (download)
First published at http://www.thingsunseen.co.uk/podcasts/dementia-faith/ No fewer than 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. With the baby boomer generation getting older, the numbers of those receiving this devastating diagnosis are set to rise further. Yet even when short-term memory or the ability to operate gadgets are badly affected, the memory of what has been meaningful for the patient usually remains intact for a long time. This emotional memory includes the memory of faith. I
Things Unseen, 06/02/2015
Interview in a local church (download)
An interview with Rob Waller and Susanne Beitan about mental illness and what the church can do about it. A church counselling service is described. Also, two very helpful testimonies from people who have personal experience of mental ilness in their families and themselves
Rob Waller, 22/02/2015
Things Unseen - Depression and Faith (download)
One can have faith but not be immune to depression. Faith is no cure, not even a consolation. Yet ‘poor theology’ leads many to misunderstand, even condemn, the sufferer… and thereby only make the condition worse. First broadcast by Things Unseen - http://www.thingsunseen.co.uk/life-of-the-spirit/depression/
Things Unseen, 21/11/2014
How to Befriend your Creative Mind (download)
The Creative mind is a complex but wonderful thing. How can you be more creative and for longer? How do you manage the flip sides, sensitivity, low mood and distraction. What is the link between our brain and our creativity. What part does our faith play?
Rev Will Van Der Hart, 01/11/2014
The church and mental health (download)
A talk given at a local church by Rob Waller, covering the main issues, and including a simple exposition of John 21. Slides also available.
Rob Waller, 26/10/2014
Guilt (download)
Many people are paralysed with guilt. Guilt robs you of freedom, peace and joy. It can make you feel unacceptable or isolated. Jesus’ forgiveness is the ultimate remedy for guilt, but even for those who believe, guilty feelings can still present a lingering problem. This talk aims to differentiate between our true guilt, for which forgiveness is needed, and false guilt, for which a psychological approach will help
Rob Waller, 11/10/2014
Worry (download)
Jesus told us not to worry yet worry is endemic even amongst Christians. Worry is often used to create a sense of certainty and control, but the illusion is only temporary and even more worries are generated. What are the factors behind worry? How should we deal with uncertainty? And where does trust and faith fit into the equation?
Jonathan Clark, 11/10/2014
Interview (download)
Katharine is interviewed by Will van der Hart about her work in reducing the stigma about mental health and future plans for more work with churches
Katharine Welby-Roberts, 11/10/2014
Identity (download)
Introducing Mercy Ministries UK who exist to provide opportunities for women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-transforming power
Arianna Walker, 11/10/2014
Perfection (download)
As Christians we have an image of the ideal perfect person, lost in the Fall. Ever since, we have striven to regain and achieve perfection to prove ourselves to God, others and ourselves. What is the Biblical teaching on perfection and how does this relate to our understanding of Mental Health?
Will van der Hart, 11/10/2014
Introduction (download)
An overview of the last ten years since Mind and Soul started, and an introduction to the day
Rob Waller, 11/10/2014
Dealing With Anger in Relationships (download)
Many people struggle with anger in their relationships and yet they often over-express or repress it, rather than finding healthy ways of managing it. This seminar introduces some conceptual frames and offers new insights into anger for a more balanced relationship.
Rev Will Van Der Hart, 18/09/2014
The Guilt Book - Radio Review (download)
Premier Christian radio's morning show gave The Guilt Book between 4 and 5 stars. The review is a helpful overview of what the book is about, who it is for and some of the key points.
Ruth Jackson and Andy Dipper, 22/09/2014
Rick Warren talks about his son's suicide (download)
[first released on Premier Christian Radio] Rick talks about how he knew that his son's illness would be talked about one day and how he balanced hope with compassion. He speaks of how he was most touched by the letters of condolence from those his son had led to know Jesus - later saying on Facebook: "In God's garden of grace, even broken trees bear fruit".
Rick Warren, 01/06/2014
Reimagining Pastoral Ministry (download)
Will teaches at Hope City Leaders Conference on Pastoral Ministry in the 21st Century
Will Van Der Hart, 18/01/2014
Undoing Perfectionism (download)
Will speaks to Restore's women's conference on the power of perfectionism, what is wrong with it and how to overcome it.
Will Van Der Hart, 26/10/2013
The Guilt Trip (download)
Will speaks on guilt - recorded at the HTB Free to Be Conference 2013 - http://www.htb.org.uk/whats-on/events/free-be-conference-2013
Will van der Hart, 12/10/2013
A Book of Sparks - Mindfulness study 1 (download)
Shaun Lambert has recorded six podcasts based on his book. He is interviewed by Cathy Le Feuvre, and the producer is Gary Dell. The podcasts are a Wisewords production for Shaun Lambert.The music behind the readings is by Bill Marten. Wisewords productions can be contacted via gary@wiseword.tv. In the recordings, he encourages Christians to engage with secular mindfulness, as mindfulness for health, as well as exploring the rich spiritual heritage of mindfulness within Christianity. These podcasts are
Shaun Lambert, 10/10/2013
Woman To Woman: Depression and OCD (download)
Will speaks Maria Toth on Premier Radio 'Woman to Woman' about depression and obsessional thinking. Responding to listeners questions and discussing common misconceptions about mental health and Christianity this is a broad ranging discussion.
Will Van Der Hart, 08/05/2013
Fear and Anxiety - sample sermon (download)
Part of a series looking at things that hold believers 'Bound' - this sermon takes Jesus's emotions in the garden of gethsemane as a way to approach fear and anxiety - with honesty but also with hope. Preached by Hannah Montgomery, Central, Edinburgh
Hannah Montgomery, 24/03/2013
Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series Session 4 (download)
In this final session of the Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series we examine how to shape the future that you want, breaking out of negative thought spirals and embracing a more flexible outlook. This session also offers signposting for effective future steps to enjoy greater emotional freedom.
Will Van Der Hart, 13/03/2013
Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series Session 3 (download)
This third session of the Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series examines the present, the relationships and outlooks that affect us as well as the thoughts and predictions that can limit freedom. In this session we explore the power of anxiety, guilt and perfectionism on our lives.
Will Van Der Hart, 13/03/2013
Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series Session 2 (download)
The primary focus of this second session of the Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series is to explore how our past experiences can shape our responses to the present. It helps to identify where we may have a negative thought bias based of previous experience of loss.
Will Van Der Hart, 13/03/2013
Emotional Intelligence Lecture Series Session 1 (download)
This first session of the Mind and Soul Emotional Intelligence Lecture series introduces the basic framework for understanding our emotions. It sets the scene for the work being undertaken in subsequent sessions and seeks to identify issues that need to be explored more deeply.
Will Van Der Hart, 13/03/2013
Youth Ministry and Mental Health (download)
Rob Waller talks about the key mental health issues involved in doing youth work in churches - anorexia, self harm, addiction - as well as the mental health of youth leaders themselves. From http://powerpointscotland.com/resources/youth-leaders
Rob Waller, 16/02/2013
The CLOTS Guide to Mental Health - VIDEO (download)
A tongue in cheek parody of what might happen when the well-intentioned but not well-thought-through try to 'fix' your church. Glib, simplistic and offensive answers to complex problems abound. Do not listen to without a sense of humour!!! [best to stream as it is 130MB to download]
Ian Smith, 01/01/2013
Dont Worry Be Happy (download)
Will's talk on worry from the HTB Free To Be Conference in London - see the video too at http://www.htb.org.uk/media/dont-worry-be-happy
Will Van Der Hart, 03/11/2012
Personality Disorders (download)
Dr Rob Waller, one of the Directors of Mind and Soul [mindandsoul.info] and a Consultant Psychiatrist talks about personality disorders, especially Borderline Personality Disorder and where help is available.
Rob Waller, 04/10/2012
21st Century Fixes – An Introduction to Addictions and Mental Health (download)
Substance misuse is a hidden issue in the church. This open discussion session explores the problem and ways of enabling recovery
Lucy Cockayne, 03/11/2012
21st Century Families – Friends you can choose (download)
We spend a lot of our lives at home, and blood is thicker than water. What happens to our mental health when families don’t work well, and how can we make things better.
Pete English, 03/11/2012
21st Century Wallets – Money and your Mood (download)
Money cannot buy happiness but a lack of it can sure make you miserable. This seminar looks at how money and mood relate and what you can do about it.
Helen Johnson, 03/11/2012
21st Century Challenges (download)
What are the particular pressures we will face over the next ten years. A lively vision of the future.
Rob Waller, 03/11/2012
Living Life To The Full – With God (download)
Prof Williams explains the basics of CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy and launches our new course - Living Life To The Full With God
Chris Williams, 03/11/2012
How to work well with others (download)
Many initiatives require council funding, health service contacts and local church volunteers. This session explains how to work together with integrity and effectiveness
Viv Dickenson Alasdair Bennett, 03/11/2012
One Head, Two Cures? (download)
Exploring the relationship between Christian healing and contemporary psychiatric practice Prof Swinton offers some joined up thinking for the future of the relationship between Christianity and psychiatry
John Swinton, 03/11/2012
Living Life To The Full - With God (download)
A short introduction to this new resource - online help for anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioural principles
Dr Rob Waller, 31/10/2012
Healing Together (download)
“To live is to love”. In our culture, you are often on your own: your faith [or lack of it], your ‘personal’ Saviour. But then God invented church. In a true community healing is a gift, responsibility is shared and journeys are as important as the destination. Learn how to heal, to grow, to love – and, in doing so, to live all the more.
Rob Waller, 24/07/2012
Stayin' Alive (download)
“To change is to live..,” but what next? What does it mean to stay emotionally healthy? There are no gyms, no five-a-day and no Olympics on the horizon. So here are some tricks of the trade: have healthy habits, discover discipleship and learn to r-e-l-a-x.
Rob Waller, 23/07/2012
Making Changes (download)
“To live is to change..,” or so goes many an inspirational quote. But we are notoriously bad at this. You will learn how humans can change and how they dig their heels in. We will cover the role of friends, faith and ferapists [sorry].
Rob Waller, 22/07/2012
Healing Community Testimony - Quicktime [.mov] (download)
Christian Fellowship of Healing prayer secretary Kirsty Urquhart tells her story of love, acceptance and healing in a robust and long-lived community
Fellowship of Healing, 20/06/2012
Demons and Mental Health (download)
First heard on Premier Christian Radio's show: Unbelievable. http://www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable. This Week on Unbelievable : Demons: Do they exist? John Tancock, Will Van Der Hart & Jonathan Clatworthy Listen to this featured programme! Three Christians of different theological persuasion discuss the existence of demons. John Tancock (JT) is involved in Charismatic Church leadership. He believes demons are real. As well as pursuing apologetics, he is involved in deliverance ministry and had regularly
Unbelievable (Premier), 17/01/2012
Overcoming worry seminar and workshop (download)
A seminar to accompany The Worry Book - www.mindandsoul.info/worry
Will van der Hart, 22/01/2012
Spirituality in the NHS (download)
A panel debates why this is important and how this works in practice. If you work in the NHS or access NHS services, this will explain what is being done to make sure Spirituality is valued as an aid to mental health. From our conference in Bradford in 2009
Various, 18/12/2011
Choices that bring change (download)
Using the Mercy Ministries' model as a framework, this session examines the key Biblical steps involved in walking free from life controlling issues
Arianna Walker, 02/11/2011
HTB Focus - The Church, Mental Health and Spirituality (download)
Given at Holy Trinity Brompton's summer festival called 'Focus' - this seminar covers how churches can be more mental health friendly and looks at some common themes people ask about the church and mental health. See original talk at http://www.htb.org.uk/ai_media/188
Rob Waller, 28/07/2011
HTB Focus - Worry Seminar (download)
Given at Holy Trinity Brompton's summer festival called 'Focus' - this seminar covers the first half of The Worry Book. See original talk at http://www.htb.org.uk/ai_media/187
Rob Waller, 27/07/2011
Divorce and separation - how it affects the young people caught in the middle (download)
How are young people affected by divorce? Is there anything you can do to make things easier for them? What might you expect to see in their behaviour
Pete English, 02/09/2011
4D Engagement: The holistic distinctive of youth ministry (download)
What is the role of everyday youth work in keeping our mindset balanced?
Martin Saunders, 02/08/2011
Why do I get addicted to things? (download)
Core seminar on substance misuse as a pervasive issue in the lives of many young people. Look at the reasons, the effects and how we can help.
Andre Radmall, 21/06/2011
Why am I so unhappy? (download)
Growing up in the 21st century is not easy. Many teenagers regularly find themselves struggling with emotions and moods which feel overwhelming and out of control. Increasing numbers become caught in cycles of behaviour which can cause them even more difficulty - self harm, substance abuse, risky behaviour and problems with eating and body image. But why are they so prone to these problems? What is it about growing up in our modern culture, which makes them so much at risk? And how can we help them to
Kate Middleton, 08/05/2011
About the Mind and Soul Website (download)
A short movie about the Mind and Soul website and what you can find there
Mind and Soul Team, 08/04/2011
Identity Spirals (download)
What is our identity? How it can it be distorted by a insecure parenting environment? How it can be restored?
Will Van Der Hart , 02/04/2011
How can I make a difference locally? (download)
Examples and practical tips from a group of projects set up by the churches in Luton, including how to network and get funding
Rachel Welch, 02/04/2011
Should I take medication or see a psychiatrist (download)
The larger playing field – what is mental illness, when to seek help, what medication is – and how Christians feel about these things
Rob Waller, 02/04/2011
Why can’t I eat normally? (download)
Core seminar on eating disorders, looking at what they are, spotting the signs, treatment and recovery.
Jane Smith, 02/04/2011
Why do I harm myself? (download)
Core seminar on self-harm, looking at the definition, causes, consequences and approaches to change
Donna Wade, 02/04/2011
Question and Answer Session and Closing Prayer (download)
From the MindSet Conference 2011
Panel, 02/04/2011
Passion for Problems (download)
Problems we currently face. Predictions we can make. Preparations we can plan. Passion we can bring.
Rob Waller, 02/04/2011
Freedom From Worry (download)
Rob Waller speaks from Matthew 6 on the topic of Freedom From Worry, combining Jesus' famous teaching on worry with modern psychological principles. Given to Destiny Church Edinburgh.
Rob Waller, 20/02/2011
Spirituality and CBT (download)
What is the role of Spirituality in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. A talk given at a conference in London, based on the paper of the same name I have recently published in The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
Rob Waller, 03/03/2011
Eating Disorders (download)
Catrina Crout from Mercy Ministries (www.mercyministries.co.uk) gives an over view of eating disorders and how the Christian faith can be a vital part of overcoming them, especially making deep and lasting change. She explains many of the highs and lows of this type of ministry and gives helpful guidance for churches
Catrina Crout, 26/02/2011
The Perils and Pitfalls of Christian Counselling in the Local Church (download)
Steve Motyer runs the Theology and Counselling course at the London School of Theology. This session is practical, but deep in content and reflection from many years of ministry.
Steve Motyer, 10/01/2011
The Challenge of Forgiveness (download)
Association of Christian Counsellors Chief Executive Greta Randle shares from her new book which tells her own story of abuse, trauma, struggle and ultimately the challenge of forgiveness
Greta Randle, 01/11/2010
Self Harm (download)
Self harm and suicidal ideas are more common than we think and give rise to a lot of concern. Yet they are distinct from suicide and usually do not progress to this. In this seminar you will learn how to tell the difference and how this relates to a Christian faith.
Jonathan Clark, 22/10/2010
Five Things to do in a Pastoral Crisis (download)
Pastoral ministry is filled with challenges, but occasionally it gets really hairy. This practical talk emphases the role of personal preparedness, good local knowledge and strong policies which will see you though in difficult times.
Will Van Der Hart, 22/10/2010
If we claim to be without emotion (download)
...then we deceive ourselves. In this talk, Kate explains why emotions are central to who we are, that you don't really want to be like Mr Spock from Star Trek. However, if you allow yourself to feel emotions, these can be nasty as well as nice!
Kate Middleton, 22/10/2010
Conference Introduction and Commendation (download)
The Bishop of Shrewsbury opens the conference, drawing on his own experience in ministry of challenge, stigma and opportunity. He started the day in prayer.
Rt Rev Mark Rylands, 22/10/2010
Spirituality in Mental Health Services (download)
Hari Sewell from the National Mental Health Development Unit explains, from his background as someone brought up in the church but not currently attending, some of the policy, tensions and challenges that professionals, patients and managers face in making the NHS a place where spiritual matters can be helpfully addressed to the benefit of the individuals mental health. He emphasises the importance of understanding a persons narrative as being the best way spirituality can be introduced.
Hari Sewell, 22/10/2010
Living Life To The Full With God (download)
Chris Williams gives an overview of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), explains how it relates to faith, and introduces a major new course and website suitable for people of faith.
Chris Williams, 22/10/2010
Cities and Networking (download)
Do you know is doing what in your town or city? Think what you could accomplish together if you did. Video from the Telford 2010 conference.
Rob Waller, 01/10/2010
Travellers Tales - A Testimony (download)
First broadcast on Travellers Tales on Premier Christian Radio, Rob Waller is interviewed about how he became a Christian, why he went into medicine and then psychiatry and how he hopes Mind and Soul can help Britain today.
Rob Waller, 15/08/2010
‘If we claim to be without emotion...’ (download)
Emotions are crucial to the way our brains operate. But for Christians some emotions can be seen as ‘undesirable’; even sinful. This seminar explains what emotions really are for, and considers how attempts to suppress them can itself lead us into sin. What should we change about the church’s attitude toward emotions?
Kate Middleton, 12/07/2010
A short sermon on Identity (download)
This sermon was preached when we were invited to speak at a 'mental health sunday' at a fairly traditional anglican church in yorkshire. a smaller group met for a simple lunch afterwards. simple, to the point and easy to deliver.
Rob Waller, 16/06/2010
The CLOTS guide to mental health - AUDIO (download)
A tongue in cheek parody of what might happen when the well-intentioned but not well-thought-through try to 'fix' your church. Glib, simplistic and offensive answers to complex problems abound. Do not listen to without a sense of humour!!!
Ian Smith, 08/05/2010
A Thorn in the Flesh: Finding Strength and Hope Amid Chronic Suffering (download)
Understanding and helping when you have a thorn in the flesh (situations of chronic suffering) is not an easy task. We need to focus on the light of hope rather than on the darkness of the trial; to speak of victory rather than defeat; not to be paralysed by the thorn’s venom but rather strengthened by the supernatural antidote of grace. Victory is forged along a costly road that ultimately leads to serene acceptance and to experience the power of Christ that is perfected in our weakness.
Pablo Martinez, 26/05/2010
Mental Health Friendly Churches (download)
How can we make our churches welcoming places for people who struggle with their mental health? How are they currently unhelpful and what do they have to offer that is so vital?
Rob Waller, 08/05/2010
Why we do what we do: Three Irrefutable Laws! (download)
So important to do well, yet so easy to do poorly – the placing of emotional health within our faith needs a firm foundation. Grace before Works. Integration before Isolation. Redemption before Recovery.
Rob Waller, 26/03/2010
Why we do what we do: Three Irrefutable Laws! - VIDEO (download)
So important to do well, yet so easy to do poorly – the placing of emotional health within our faith needs a firm foundation. Grace before Works. Integration before Isolation. Redemption before Recovery
Rob Waller, 26/03/2010
Messy Church: The tension unresolved (download)
Is 21st century church able to hold together the tension of giftedness and unresolved emotional and mental health issues? Do we need to be healed to be useful for the kingdom?
Will Van Der Hart, 26/03/2010
Messy Church: The tension unresolved - VIDEO (download)
Is 21st century church able to hold together the tension of giftedness and unresolved emotional and mental health issues? Do we need to be healed to be useful for the kingdom?
Will Van Der Hart, 26/03/2010
Capturing The Affections: getting to the heart of the problem (download)
In the Word of God we have all that we need to address the human predicament; not only by way of analysis, but also by way of treatment. In Christ and the gospel there is sanity. Problems of behaviour and emotions are always related in some way to issues of belief. And that belief relates to the Word of God, and the promises God makes to us. That is why we can have confidence in the Bible to speak directly and effectively to our lives and circumstances.
Steve Timmis, 26/03/2010
Perfectionism: Thomas Cramner’s Gospel for the Overachiever (download)
Are we called or driven? Is our identity based on our performance or the performance of Christ on the cross? Drawing on the stories of Paul, the Prodigal Son, the theology of Thomas Cramner and his work with Olympic athletes, Ashley challenges our own attempts at self-medication through achievement and shame-based motivation. He explores how we can make our activities reflect God's healing love instead."
Ashley Null, 26/03/2010
Prayer Ministry and Psychology: The Relationship and the Risks (download)
What are the psychological aspects of prayer ministry? What do you do when prayer ministry doesn’t work? Can prayer ministry and psychological therapy work together? What can go wrong...
Tara Gormley, 26/03/2010
Growing up into Christ: some insights from psychology (download)
This talk will look at some contemporary psychological theories of spiritual growth and explore some connections with biblical themes. The areas explored will include spiritual growth as goal directed behaviour; processes of change, continuity, and transformation; Christ as model and guide; spiritual fruits and gifts. Video also available
Joanna Collicutt, 26/03/2010
Growing up into Christ: some insights from psychology - VIDEO (download)
This talk will look at some contemporary psychological theories of spiritual growth and explore some connections with biblical themes. The areas explored will include spiritual growth as goal directed behaviour; processes of change, continuity, and transformation; Christ as model and guide; spiritual fruits and gifts. High Resolution Video available at http://www.blip.tv/file/3400811/
Joanna Collicutt, 26/03/2010
Demons: Do they, Don’t they, What If? (download)
Invariably the passage of Jesus healing the ‘Demoniac’ is used an example of mental illness in the Bible, however, this raises more questions than it answers. Was he suffering from schizophrenia? Do demons really exist? Was it just a cultural interpretation? If he was demon possessed, does the deliverance ministry offer the cure for all mental illness?
Jonathan Clark, 26/03/2010
Torch Trust Interview (download)
Dr Rob Waller is interviewed by the Torch Trust, www.torchtrust.org, about the mental health problems of blind and partially sighted people. Torch is a Christian fellowship where blind and sighted people meet on equal terms. Some 130 Torch Fellowship Groups meet informally on a monthly basis across the UK, with many more overseas.
Rob Waller, 20/03/2010
Beyond the Edge (download)
Hazel Rolston talks about her new book - Beyond The Edge [IVP] - in which she tells the story of her struggle with postnatal depression
Hazel Rolston, 01/03/2010
Self Harm (download)
Self Harm and Suicidal Ideas are common today - affecting an increasing number of people, especially teenagers. Jonathan explains how to tell the difference, how to know when to act and what to do
Jonathan Clark, 30/01/2010
Christian Counselling (download)
Covering why we need counselling, something of Greta's own journey and what the Association of Christian Counselling stands for, this session will equip you to be a better listener and know where to get more training.
Greta Randle, 14/03/2009
Worried - Why? (download)
Why is worry such a problem and how can we learn to worry the right amount about the right things
Will Van Der Hart, 18/11/2009
Pastoral Care and Mercy Ministries (download)
Rob Waller interviews Stephen Matthew about being the Associate Pastor of a very large church and how they deal with pastoral issues, and Arrianna Walker about the principles underlying Mercy Ministries and their current plans
Various, 10/09/2009
Bradford Conference Extracts (download)
Listen to extracts from three speakers from our major conference in Bradford in March 2009
Various, 21/07/2009
Spirituality and Mental Health (download)
An over view of the history of Mind and Soul, of Rob's journey and of the relationship between Spirituality, Christianity and Mental Health
Rob Waller, 14/05/2009
A Safe Place - Summary (download)
Conclusion and summary from the A Safe Place? conference
Marion Carson and Rob Waller, 08/05/2010
Older People's Faith and Mental Health (download)
John Wattis and Christine Chapman explore the issues and suggest a model of care.
John Wattis, Christine Chapman, 14/03/2009
Caring for the Carers (download)
Sheryl Ashton and Amanda Stevenson show how we need to look after another whole group of people.
Amanda Stevenson,Sheryl Ashton, 14/03/2009
Bradford Conference Q&A (download)
Rob Waller and Will Van Der Hart answer questions after the keynotes at the Bradford 09 conference
Rob Waller, Will Van Der Hart, 14/03/2009
Emotionally Heathy Church (download)
How can we make our churches places where we can healthily express and heal emotions, and why does this not happen at the moment?
Will Van Der Hart, 14/03/2009
Five Things To Do In A Pastoral Crisis (download)
Will Van Der Hart covers this topic in a seminar at the Mind & Soul London Conference held in October 2008. Please note: Due to a recording error, this audio file only covers the first three points.
Will Van Der Hart, 21/02/2009
Emotionally Healthy Leadership (download)
Dr Jack Graham, of PowerPoint Ministries in Texas USA, spoke at the Mind & Soul London Conference in October 2008, on the emotional aspects of leadership. He leads a large church in the USA.
Jack Graham, 21/01/2009
A Safe Place - Intro (download)
Introduction to the Safe Place conference.
Marion Carson and Rob Waller, 08/05/2010
Should Christians Take Antidepressants (download)
Dr Rob Waller speaks about whether Christians should take antidepressants as part of a Seminar. This seminar was held as part of the Mind & Soul London Conference in October 2008.
Rob Waller, 03/11/2008
In Good Company (download)
Will Van Der Hart is interviewed by Jeff Lucas and Ruth Dearnley as part of the regular premier programme - in good company
Will Van Der Hart, 01/07/2008
Stranger on the Shore (download)
Revd Anthony Rose explains why he wrote his book [of the same name] - how he learned to come to terms with a difficult upbringing and understand his emotions better.
Anthony Rose, 01/07/2008
Mind and Soul Vision (download)
Short video - file version, Quicktime 7MB
Mind and Soul Directors, 04/05/2008
Overseas Mental Health (download)
PRIME is an international charity developing person-centred healthcare in many developing countries. At this conference, their first on mental illness and health, Dr Rob Waller speaks about how mental health and Christianity relate in developing countries
Rob Waller, 25/04/2008
Suicide and Debt 3 (download)
Dr Rob Waller teaches Centre Managers for Christians Against Poverty how they can help with suicidal ideas by helping with debt, and how to spot when they need to act on suicidal threats. Session 3 of 3.
Rob Waller, 26/03/2008
Suicide and Debt 2 (download)
Dr Rob Waller teaches Centre Managers for Christians Against Poverty how they can help with suicidal ideas by helping with debt, and how to spot when they need to act on suicidal threats. Session 2 of 3.
Rob Waller, 26/03/2008
Suicide and Debt 1 (download)
Dr Rob Waller teaches Centre Managers for Christians Against Poverty how they can help with suicidal ideas by helping with debt, and how to spot when they need to act on suicidal threats. Session 1 of 3.
Rob Waller, 26/03/2008
Mental Health of Pastors (download)
25% of clergy time off is cause by depression - but very few pastors feel they can raise this in their churches. Will Van Der Hart explores this topic, drawing on his own experience in ministry
Will Van Der Hart, 22/02/2008
Student Mental Health (download)
Recorded at the Fusion Conference in Oxford. Over 120 students crammed into a room designed for 40!
Rob Waller, Will Van Der Hart, 24/11/2007
Vicious Circles (download)
We can end up getting into vicious circles in our behaviours, but if we stop long enough to understand them, they can be undone and unwound, even to the point of being in a better and stronger place than before
Rob Waller, Will Van Der Hart, 20/09/2007
Mercy Ministries, Antidepressants (download)
Mercy Ministries have just opened their first house in the UK helping up to 12 girls at a time with life controlling issues. Antidepressants - should Christians take them [Interview by Rob and Will]?
Various, 16/08/2007
Identity and being open at church (download)
Identity - a sermon from a recent Mental Health Sunday we ran. Church communities - how they can help your mental health.
Will Van Der Hart, 20/07/2007
Stressful churches and obsessional thinking (download)
Churches today can ask you to be very busy - and all on top of a busy job and family life. Will Van Der Hart talks about some recent 'space services' at St Mary's London. Rob Waller then explains how some Christians can become very obsessional in their thinking about sin and hell, even to the point of getting OCD
Will Van Der Hart, Rob Waller, 01/07/2007
Worry and How To Deal With It (download)
Identity - a sermon from a recent Mental Health Sunday we ran. Church communities - how they can help your mental health.
Will Van Der Hart, 03/06/2007