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We welcome your enquiries, but please remember that we are a small team and cannot always respond quickly or help with events in all parts of the country. We cannot give individual mental health advice. Neither do we keep lists of Christian mental health professionals. If you need to talk to someone please see our get urgent help article or use the links to Premier Lifeline below.

-- Contact us on FACEBOOK:
-- WRITE to us: Mind and Soul, Premier, 22 Chapter St, London, SW1P 4NP, UK
-- TALK to someone: Call Premier Lifeline for a listening ear, emotional and spiritual support and confidential prayer: 0845 345 0707 or 020 7316 0808 - 9am till Midnight
-- Ask for PRAYER: Our team of intercessors would love the opportunity to pray for any needs you may have. Fill in our online prayer form [takes you to the Premier website].
-- Complete the form below to EMAIL us. If you wish to send an attachment, please say and we will email you back.


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