About Us

In many churches and health-care settings Christianity and mental health are kept deliberately separate. Mental health is rarely discussed in our churches and Christian spirituality is seen as having little to offer the world of psychology. At Mind and Soul we are seeking to bridge this gap and provide a place of integration for orthodox Christianity and high quality psychology and psychiatry. Read more about our vision or read some endorsements.


-- People who have a mental health problem but also have a strong Christian faith which they often find to be ignored.
-- Church leaders who need support with their emotional health and seek deeper understanding of Mental Health issues.
-- People who work in secular counselling or mental health services and want to see their Christian faith applied there.
-- Churches who want support in integrating a mental health agenda within their fellowship/teaching or pastoral care.
-- People who care about 'the poor' and want to reduce the stigma and suffering of people with mental health issues.

Mind and Soul is a non-denominational organization exploring Christianity and Mental Health. See the links in your left to find out about our vision, leadership, and other information. Use the Contact Us page to tell us something. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be kept informed. Get involved in a number of ways including giving, praying and more. Join our Facebook community.