MindSet: The conference 2011


A one-day conference for Youth Leaders on mental health and emotional wellbeing


Soul Survivor Watford Saturday April 2nd 2011

By Premier Mind & Soul and Soul Survivor


Click the links below to play [stream] audio files or to download PDFs of slides.

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Passion for Problems
Rob Waller - audio, slides

Why do I harm myself?  – Donna Wade - audio, slides

Why can’t I eat normally? – Jane Smith - audio

Why do I get addicted to things? – Andre Radmall - audio, slides

Circles of Security - Will Van Der Hart - audio

Divorce & separation – Pete English - audio, slides

Choices that bring change – Arianna Walker - audio


4D Engagement – Martin Saunders - audio

How can I make a difference locally? - Rachel Welch - audio, slides

Why am I so unhappy? – Kate Middleton - audio, slides

Should I take medication or see a psychiatrist? – Rob Waller - audio

Question Time and Closing Prayer - Panel - audio


Full Brochure or A4 Poster 


After the conference, where do you get help? This list of organisations will help. Some national, some local. Some Christian, some secular.

 Organisation Directory