Mind and Soul is managed by the Board of Directors - it is an expression of the partnership between Premier and The Mind and Soul Foundation. Day to Day running is undertaken by the Operational Team of Rob Waller, Will Van Der Hart, Jonathan Clark and Kate Middleton. Mind and Soul Associates make a contribution to the rescources and speaking base of Mind and Soul.



Will Van Der Hart

Will is Pastoral Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton and a director of Mind and Soul. His interest in emotional health is wide ranging, reflecting his broad experience in a variety of pastoral contexts. Will is an integrative and practical bible teacher who speaks at a number of national forums. He is passionate about equipping church leaders to look after their own emotional health as well as empowering them to manage the emotional needs of their congregations. Twitter: @vicarwill

Kate Middleton

Kate is a psychologist with a particular interest in the way our emotions affect us. She's passionate about helping people keep emotionally healthy in spite of what life throw's at them, & making sure they reach their full potential. She's a church leader working with Hitchin Christian Centre and is also a speaker and author. Kate spends a lot of time explaining that she isn't married to Prince William but enjoys reading about her good dress sense in the newspapers. She lives in Hitchin with her husband and two children. Twitter: @communik8ion

Rob Waller

Rob is a Consultant Psychiatrist working in New Zealand. He is married to Susanna and lives in Aucklandwith their two sons. Rob wants to empower mental health professionals to use their skills in a Godly way and inform the places where they work. He believes the good news of Christianity brings an essential contribution to mental health services. Twitter: @robwaller

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan  is Director for Premier Life, the community unit at Premier Christian Media containing the confidential helpline Premier Lifeline. He is a qualified Social Worker approved under the Mental Health Act 1983 and has specialised in Self Harm. He is a founding member of the Christian Helplines Association and trustee of both the Mental Health Helplines Partnership and the Association of Christian Counsellors. Jonathan has been a Church Minister and still preaches regularly at his local village chapel. He is married to Miggs and they have two adult children. Twitter: @jonathancclark.


We have a number of associates who regularly write for us and promote the work of Mind and Soul around the country. 

Christy Wimber

Christy is a movement leader, author and speaker. For 24 years Christy has traveled around the world teaching on the Kingdom of God at various conferences, festivals, retreats and seminars. She has spent the majority of the last few years working on a new prayer model that includes ministering to the whole person, including those struggling and/or affected by mental illness. Christy and Sean have been married for 26 years, and have two children. They reside in Yorba Linda, California. Twitter: @ChristyWimber

Katharine Welby-Roberts

...is an advocate for mental health provision in the UK. She works for Christian disability charity Livability UK which seeks to support churches in developing community which is inclusive of those who experience marginalisation and stigmatisation in society and the church. Katharine blogs and speaks about issues relating to mental health and runs a popular blog katharinewelby.com in which she discusses her own experiences with depression and anxiety. Twitter: @KWelbyRoberts

Roger Bretherton

...is a Clinical Psychologist trained in several psychological therapies that emphasise mindfulness, including Existential Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice. He is Senior Lecturer and Senior Tutor in Psychology at the University of Lincoln. He is [art of the leadership of his local church and Fusion. He is currently chair of BACiP (the British Association of Christians in Psychology), and works in consultancy with a variety of commercial and public sector organisations. His short book, The God Lab: 8 spiritual experiments you can try at home, is an experiential guide to the beatitudes in Matthew’s gospel. He is married to Marie-Claire, and has two sons, Leo and Tom.  

Thomas Yap

...is an experienced Psychodynamic Psychotherapist offering individual long-term psychotherapy and founder of Talbot Court Psychotherapy, a private practice in Central London. He has been an honorary psychotherapist for the National Health Service in South London working with a special focus on patients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). He has taught on various topics such as depression, loss and bereavement, relationship issues and addictions in various seminars as well as training courses in colleges and universities in the UK and abroad.

Ron Bushyager

...is a Psychodynamic Counsellor and Psychotherapist operating in London and works with Christian organisations bringing counselling insight to faith-based work. He has an MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and a BSc in Social Work. More information on Ron's counselling work can be found here on his personal website. Ron has written many of our articles on leadership.

Kate Webb

...is a Consultant Psychiatrist, working part time in the independent sector, having worked for the past 4 years as a consultant in the NHS. She works predominantly with people with eating disorders. Kate qualified from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2000. Alongside this, she has a degree in Neuropharmacology and diplomas in Paediatrics and Child Health and Clinical Psychiatry. Kate undertook basic psychiatric training with the Trent Deanery and higher specialist training with the London Deanery on the St George’s rotation. She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Rachael Costa

...is the Founding Director of ThinkTwice, which produces and delivers high quality mental health training and resources to churches and youth groups. She is also the Training Co-Ordinator at selfharmUK. Rachael completed her Masters looking at a Contemporary Pastoral Theology of Clinical Depression at the London School of Theology and is passionate about how the Church can best serve the pastoral needs of those with mental health problems.

Dave Meldrum

...was ordained into ministry in the Church Of England in 2001. Until 2010 he served in churches in different parts of London, at which point he and his wife Bev moved to Cape Town in response to a long-standing sense of God’s call to South Africa. Dave is the Rector of St Peter’s church, Mowbray - a diverse, missional Anglican church community in urban Cape Town.

Andre Radmall

Andre is a psychotherapist in full time private practice. He is also an ordained minister in the Anglican church and part of a team leading a house church. In his career Andre has worked as the manager for the eating disorders unit at the Priory North London, as a dramatherapist in a therapeutic community, and for the last six years has taught counselling at the London School of Theology. See more about Andre on his personal website - www.andreradmall.co.uk. He has a book ‘Insight into Addiction’ published by CWR. Andre is married to Zoe and has three children, Jonathan, Tamsyn and Juliet.